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Investor Contacts

Hayden IR
Attn: John Roginski

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Hayden IR
Attn: Rob Fink

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Management Team

Abe Emard
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Abe Emard is formerly the CEO of Solar United Networks (dba SUNworks), a division of Solar3D, and is actively engaged in the design, installation and management of solar energy solutions for commercial, agricultural and residential customers. Mr. Emard is a co-founder of SUNworks and has served as CEO since the company's inception in February 2011. From 2000 until co-founding SUNworks, he worked for Emard Electric, Inc. as its Project Manager, Vice President and Business Development Officer.   Under Mr. Emard’s leadership, the SUNworks division more than doubled its sales revenue through project bid wins and aggressive expansion in the residential market. Today, Mr. Emard serves as Chief Operating Officer at the consolidated Sunworks, Inc. company, overseeing the Company’s operations.   Mr. Emard holds a construction management degree from the University of California at Davis extension program and a Journeyman State Certified License. He is a certified installer for Canadian Solar, Sharp, AE Solaron, and PV Powered.
James Nelson
President and CEO

Mr. James Nelson began his executive career 30 years ago at Bain and Company, the premier business strategy consulting firm in the world, where he managed teams of consultants on four continents solving CEO-level programs for global companies. Prior to joining Solar3D, he spent 20 years working in the private equity industry as both a capital partner and operating CEO to portfolio companies. Mr. Nelson was a General Partner at Peterson Partners from 2007 to 2009, and at Millennial Capital Partners from 1991-2010. In addition to his responsibilities in acquisition and divestiture, Mr. Nelson worked as an executive in a number of portfolio companies. He served as CEO of Euro-Tek Store Fixture, LLC, Chairman of the Board of American Retail Interiors, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Panelview Inc. and Chairman of the Board of Critical Power Exchange, as well as serving on numerous boards of companies.

The companies led by Mr. Nelson have created exceptional returns for investors – sometimes over 20 times the original investment. Prior to his years in private equity, Mr. Nelson served as Vice President of Marketing at Banana Republic/The Gap, where he managed company-wide marketing, as well as the initial international expansion of Banana Republic. He was also General Manager for the highly profitable catalog division. He also served as Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development at Saga Corporation, a multi-billion dollar food service company.

Mr. Nelson received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Brigham Young University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was named the Outstanding MBA Graduate. Mr. Nelson was recently appointed to the Director's Council for The University of California, Santa Barbara's Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE). His leadership and insight is expected to provide the Council with industry-insider knowledge and experience as solar continues to garner mass adoption, not only in California, but throughout the world. Mr. Nelson’s expansive experience in global companies, worldview strategic thinking, and hands-on entrepreneurial and operating execution is ideally suited to help exploit Sunworks’ breakthrough Solar3D Cell technology in a multi-trillion dollar global market opportunity.

Paul McDonnel
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. McDonnel, a seasoned financial and executive leader, brings more than 30 years of experience to Sunworks including an extensive background with public company finance and accounting, executive suite-level operations management, acquisitions and sales. He began his career at Arthur Andersen& Co. and has since served in numerous C-level positions. Most recently, McDonnel was President of Vulcan Precision Linings where he grew sales by 35% year-over-year, strengthened the company’s cash position and returned capital to investors through a share repurchase program. Prior to Vulcan, McDonnel served as COO of Franklin Covey Products, LLC where he assisted the CEO in rapidly improving cash flow, reducing overhead costs and restructuring operations which resulted in a $5.7 million increase in EBITDA in the first year of implementation.
Mikhail Podnebesnyy
Director of Engineering
Mr. Mikhail Podnesbesnyy was formerly the Vice President of Solar United Networks (dba SUNworks) since February 2011. From 2001 until joining SUNworks, he worked for Emard Electric, Inc. in various capacities, including photovoltaic design from 2009 to 2011, pre-fabrication manager from 2007 to 2009, job foreman from 2002 to 2007, and journeyman electrician from 2001 to 2002.   Mr. Podnesbesnyy’s diligent work with the SUNworks Design and Engineering teams was instrumental in earning the Company lucrative project contracts that compounded its growth in 2015. Mr. Podnesbesnyy presently serves as Director of Engineering at Sunworks, where he will continue to push the boundaries of design and function, providing customers with highly efficient performing solar solutions.   Mr. Podnesbesnyy is a certified journeyman electrician and has received WECA certified photovoltaic.
Kirk Short
President of Commercial Solar
Mr. Kirk Short has been in the solar industry for over 15 years, focusing on the core business of providing solar. Mr. Short was formerly the President and CEO of Elite Solar. Since joining Solar3D as a division, Mr. Short has raised the bar on winning commercial project bids for his no-nonsense, get-it-done approach. This especially resonates with the agribusiness sector.   Mr. Short brings the valuable experience of large-scale solar installation projects to the Company.  Having worked on solar projects at international airports, Mr. Short was intimately involved in every part of the installation process. And that’s how he prefers to be: sleeves rolled up to get the job done for the customer.   With his hard and honest work ethic, Mr. Short created a company culture that directly showcases the team’s knowledge and character. Mr. Short is presently the Director of Commercial Operations Northern California to fulfill the strong demand in for commercial and agribusiness solar.
Emil Beitpolous
President of Residential Solar
Mr. Emil Beitpolous, was formerly the President of Solar United Networks (dba SUNworks) since early 2011. From late 2009 until joining SUNworks, he worked for Emard Electric, Inc. as its general superintendent where he was responsible for all solar field crews of up to 25 employees, project management of all commercial projects, recruitment of all field employees, project budgeting and forecasting, and strategy for all field operations.   From 2007 to September 2009, Mr. Beitpolous was the solar superintendent of Rayco Electric, Inc. where he was responsible for all aspects of photovoltaic installation and performing quality inspections on system drawing and installations. Under Mr. Beitpolous’ leadership, the SUNworks team of solar installers performed installations on projects as large as 2.5 megawatts. The Company’s success was largely due to Mr. Beitpolous’ ability to always meet their project deliverables.   As Director of Residential Operations, Mr. Beitpolous will oversee the rapid expansion into the residential solar market. Mr. Beitpolous’ achievements in the residential market includes sales revenue growth and the introduction of the Sunworks Design Center, a retail space where customers may come and experience what Sunworks has to offer.   Mr. Beitpolous received his WECA IEC Journeyman Training Certification in 2009 and a California State License Board General B License in 2004.
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